• Black Hat SEO Forum & Tool Suite

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  • What Is BlackHat.Community?

    BlackHat.Community or "BHC" is a Free & Premium Black Hat SEO Forum and Tool Suite, offering the highest level of knowledge for Black Hats in the world, mixed with a variety of SEO Tools to boost your rankings in Google and help your black hat business.


    BHC consists of several different features:

    • An Active SEO Forum
    • The World's #1 SEO Skype Group
    • A Large Array of Free & Premium Black Hat SEO Tools
    • Premium Black Hat SEO Video Tutorials
    • Free Black Hat SEO Blog

    Who Made BlackHat.Community?

    First originally founded in September, 2014 by Charles Floate (aka God of SEO) and Todd Foster, 2 of the world's leading SEO Experts, it's since built up a team of over 10 Admins, Developers and Content Creators.

  • Tools

    There are over 10 different tools inside, but here's a few

    Wayback Archive Exporter

    Looking to grab old versions of a website? Want to build a PBN with content from previous sites?

    This tool allows you to pull a HTML version of the Wayback Archive of an old website.

    Bulk Majestic Stats Checker

    Majestic.com is one of the biggest link checker tools in the world, and arguably the best.

    With this tool, you can bulk check the statistics of up to a 1000 domains per run.

    SERP Tracker

    Looking to track the rank of your keywords in Google? BHC Offers a built-in Keyword Tracker for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Updated hourly.

  • Inside The Forum

    Take a look inside the BHC Forum.

    Black Hat SEO Forum

    Arguably the most resource intensive place on the subject in the world, the forum is filtered into a number of categories. If you’re wanting to take a look around before signing up, BHC also offers a free section as well.

  • Video Introduction

    Take a look inside.

    <- Video

    This video is showing an old version of the site. I'm working on a new one soon.

    This video shows the Black Hat SEO Software the forum has inside it's tools, the Free & Premium Black Hat SEO Forum.

  • References

    Where do we get our information about this site from?


    An internet marketing consultant and black hat SEO specialist from the UK, Co-Founder of Black Hat Community and one of the most well known names in the SEO Industry.

    The main site itself, where you can access the forum, video section, tool suite and black hat SEO Blog.

    The world's most active SEO group on Facebook, also the starting ground for what has since become the main community for BlackHat.Community.